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Natural and high-quality care products from the climate-neutral natural cosmetics company Bioturm

For a long time we were looking for a natural cosmetics brand that could convince us in all aspects. Therefore, we are very pleased to present the new Bioturm products to you!

Since its foundation in 2001, Bioturm has been working absolutely free of animal testing and has been certified "climate neutral" since 2018. All Bioturm products are manufactured in Germany, with raw materials from predominantly organic cultivation.

All Bioturm products are free of silicones, kerosene oil, PEG, parabens and synthetic fragrances and dyes.

Bioturm stands for quality. 

Cleansing - Bioturm helps the skin to heal

The Bioturm cleansing products are particularly mild and gentle due to their composition and therefore offer a cleansing that cleanses gently and intensively, especially in the therapy-accompanying care of neurodermatitis, psoriasis, very dry skin and acne.

The combination of Bioturm's unique Lacto-Intensive Active Complex made from organic whey and high-quality active ingredients ensures optimal compatibility and a more vital skin, especially for problem skin.

The cleansing milk is recommended for dry skin, the washing lotion or cleansing foam for combination or rather oily skin.

The colorful, luminous shower gels are not only an absolute eye-catcher optically, they also convince with pleasant natural fragrances, vegan content and a velvety skin feeling.

Neurodermatitis and psoriasis (psoriasis)

Skin irritations and allergies can often develop into unpleasant, chronic skin diseases in today's stressful and overburdening environment.

Bioturm offers here a series of products, which are particularly co-ordinated with the therapy-accompanying cleaning and care with Neurodermitis and psoriasis.

Product recommendation for neurodermatitis:

We particularly recommend the Silver line with micro-silver, a specially prepared pure silver that has an anti-itching and antibacterial effect, but does not penetrate the body.

As well as the Oat Line, which helps to interrupt the itch-scratch cycle in atopic skin.

Product recommendation for psoriasis:

Here too, products from the Silver Line are excellently suited for therapy-accompanying care in psoriasis: Silver Ointment and Silver Lotion.

Further recommended products for neurodermatitis and psoriasis

Cleansing and body care

Only 2 available
Bioturm Cleansing Milk Plus
Mild cleansing and thorough make-up removal for all skin types. The Lacto-Intensive active complex contained in the product has a normalising effect. Vegetable squalane and apricot kernel oil cleanse the facial skin and provide care at the same time.Suitable for:For gentle and mild cleansing of the facial skin, for example of make-up.Application:Apply in the morning and evening to damp skin, massage in gently and wash off thoroughly.

Content: 0.15 Liter (€86.33* / 1 Liter)

Only 4 available
Bioturm Oat Cleansing Milk
The oat cleansing milk from Bioturm Naturkosmetik provides gentle cleansing and simultaneous care for irritated skin. Especially for neurodermatitis skin, the oat cleansing milk contains gentle vegetable tensides and additional lipids. The combination of colloidal oatmeal and our special Lacto-Intensive active complex reduces irritation and has a normalising effect. At the same time, valuable organic oils supply the skin with the necessary lipids and thus prevent the skin from becoming heavily defatted during cleansing.Suitable for:Accompanying therapy for neurodermatitis. For cleansing the face and body of dry, irritated and stressed skin - for gentle skin without a feeling of tension after washing.  Also suitable for babies and toddlers.Directions for use:Apply a small amount to moistened hand, flannel or cotton pad, cleanse skin and rinse with water.

Content: 0.2 Liter (€89.75* / 1 Liter)


Intimate care

The most common cause of inflammation and discharge in the genital area is excessive cleanliness with agents that have a too high pH value for the genital area and therefore wash away protective lactic acid and disturb the natural defenses.

The Bioturm Lacto-Intensiv active complex made from organic whey with its acidic pH value (3 to 4) is ideal for maintaining the natural intimate flora. Both the delicate washing foam and the mild washing gel are particularly well tolerated due to their cleansing components. For subsequent care, use the Intimate Ointment or Intimate Deo Spray. The series is also available with the power of cranberry.

The variant for men: Intimate Washing Gel. Soap-free cleansing with particularly mild components. High-quality plant extracts soothe sensitive skin from redness and irritation.

For the sake of the environment: Moistening foam for toilet paper instead of environmentally harmful wet wipes.

Hair care and styling

Bioturm offers a particularly gentle cleaning and care of scalp and hair. Especially suitable for problems with contact eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis or simply psoriasis.

Recommended for fine, trickling dandruff caused by dry scalp:

Shampoo for dry scalp and for extra care with high-quality plant extracts the scalp serum.

Recommendation for oily dandruff with enlarged surface:

For the sake of the environment: The new firm shampoos from Bioturm - soap-free and economical and at the same time gentle on the environment.

Always worth a look: Vegan shampoos in fantastic design and other styling products.

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